Faculty of Management of Commerce

BBAD 1152 – Introduction to Information Technology (2 Credit)

Revolution in computers and communications.

The digital future: Role of IT in society, Distinguish between data and information.Properties of information and basics IT tools. Input devices and its functions, Output devices and its functions, processing and memory hardware, Secondary storage and communication devices, application software: basic features of application software, tools for work and study Desktop Accessories, word processing, spreadsheets. Database management system, graphics, communications, software suites, etc. Operating system and its functions. Utility programs, utility programs, utility packages.

Development of communication computer technology:

Type of network WAN, MAN & LAN , types of LAN and its components, topology of LAN, transmission media: Twisted pair, coaxial and fibre optics cables, carries and regulation connectivity devices. Telephone network in computing, applications in internet, features of networks and its advantages. The impact of LAN, Factors affecting communication.

Microsoft Word:

Navigating the word document window, toolbar. Creating saving and editing simple word documents, using toolbar buttons.

Selecting a view for working, moving and copying text. Formatting characters and paragraphs, additional text effects, applying repeated formatting, changing paragraph alignment, changing the space of paragraphs, setting additional paragraph rules, adding borders and shading to paragraphs. Working with indents, Creating bulleted and numbered lists, using tabs, working with tables, formatting tables.

Creating columns, creating and placing text boxes, graphics and drawing, page setup, inserting page numbers, applying themes and styles to documents, creating headers and footers, inserting foot notes, previewing inserting page breaks adjusting margins with the ruler, printing documents.

Finding and replacing text and formatting, automating text formatting, checking spelling and grammar, adding reference, tracking changes and mail merge