Who we are

The Computer Unit was Established  Under Dean/Science according U.G.C Regulation in 1985 during the Deanship of Prof K Kunaratnam with his effort. Dr S Kanaganathan was appointed as the First Head of the Computer Unit. later in 1989. It was functioning in the Mathematics block for several years providing computer laboratory facilities to the final year students and to staff to do their work. The computer Unit provided Extra mural courses to the society as Certificate  and Diploma Courses on Data Processing and Programming Languages.

Unfortunately, the Computer Unit lost all the equipment during the IPKF operation in 1987. It was gradually refurbished with the fund from annual allocation for the University form the U.G.C. During the time when Department of Computer Science was started, Professor K Kunaratnam allocated two rooms from the Department of Physics for the use of  Computer Unit, Department of Computer Science also needing space on the Ground floor of the Mathematics Block, where the Computer Unit was functioning.

Once again, the loss occurred during the Mass Exodus that happened in November 1995 during the escalation of ‘war’ between the Sri Lankan security forces and Tiger rebels. When people returned home from displaced areas in 1996, no equipment was found in the Computer Unit. It had to be refurbished again by the annual allocation by the University. Under the Deanship of Professor R Kumaravadivel, by his effort, the Computer Unit moved to  new locations. Staff rooms and computer server rooms were relocated to the Vithyanathan Library block with the establishment of new laboratories with the consent of the then Librarian Mrs R Pararajasingam and approval of the Council, while two more laboratories were established in the new block constructed next to the Department of Physics and to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Fortunately, the Computer Unit was able to get funds from  Asian Development Bank and World bank through national projects under Staff/Student Training Programme on Information Technology, and a number of Computers were purchased under this programme and laboratories were set up in the first floor of the Vithyanathan Library block.  Computer Literacy for all was the slogan every one adapted and all students have been taught Computer Literacy since then.

Moreover, we were able to receive funds from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) to layout fibre optic network over the campus.  Thanks to Professor R Kumaravadivel and Professor V K Samaranayake for their effort and cooperation to receive the fund for this task. In fact, the project was managed by a monitoring committee at the UCSC under the chairmanship of the Director.

It took about ten years to complete the campus wide network in the first phase including premises at the main campus, Faculty of Medicine, Ramanathan Academy at Maruthanarmadam and Siddha Medicine Unit at Kaithady. The ten years was due to unexpected resumption of war between rebels and security forces and some other administrative technicalities and formalities.

Also, Personal Computers and accessories  were provided to the Computer Unit, from the Institutional block grant and IRQUE project.

About us during the Silver Jubilee year from University Silver Jubilee Handout can be seen in history-as-of-1999.


To be  a Unit of Excellence in Provision of Computer Literacy, IT Skills and Other IT related Services to the University and the Society


To Produce undergraduates with Sound knowledge in Computer Literacy and High Standard IT Skills and Enhance IT skills of the staff from various disciplines

At present many staff members share workload various aspects.

Lecturer 04
Instructor in Computer Technology 03
Programmer cum System Analyst 01
System Engineer 01
Assistant Network Manager 01
Programmer 01
Technical Officers 03
Laboratory Attendants 04
Work Aid 01
Instructors (On Contract) 14

Individual profile of the Permanent staff members  can be seen here

Except for the Technical Officers and Laboratory attendants all other share workload of teaching and practical sessions. In addition to the usual list of duties, some staff members take responsibility in other assignments too.


At present, the Computer Unit has several labs each accommodates 30-40 computers out of which 6 laboratories are for conducting practical and one Internet accessing for staff and students as they require. The Computer Unit also provides laboratories to conduct Computer aided units on request of the respective faculties.

At times, it makes laboratory provision for self-finance courses or specially arranged workshop, charging  a nominal fee per a computer per an hour basis.

Maintenance of Computers and Accessories

The technical officers take responsibility of maintaining the laboratories of the Computer Unit on technical aspects, and also involved in repairing the faulty computers & accessories, and network accessories as far as possible. They also involved in checking the specifications of the newly purchased items before making the payment for the purchase.


  • Provision of Computer Literacy to All Students (except for students from Agriculture and Engineering Faculties)
  • Provision of Laboratory Facilities (to other Courses)
  • Provision of Internet Accessing
  • Web Server and Mail Server Maintenance
  • Maintenance of Campus-Wide network communication
  • Computer and Accessories Maintenance
  • Extra mural services

The computer unit was involved in conducting courses on information Communication Technology and General Information Technology  for training teachers on several occasion collaborating with the Department of Computer Science. In future too, it is the expectation and requirement of many teachers and knowledge seekers from us to start a Postgraduate Diploma and M.Sc. courses collaborating with the Department of Computer Science.

A long standing need of the Computer Unit is to have space – a proposal for  three floor-building was submitted to build a computer block in the space beyond the Library near  the southern boundary wall.  It is the waiting list for the approval of treasury and the cabinet.